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That pesky “Sorting fee”

Hey there guys! I’m finally back into writing the articles now. Got back from Spain and had quite a lot to sort out and do, so apologies. Back to the grind. So today reminded me of an interesting subject which i believe everyone has had a dealing with, as the title suggests it’s that sorting

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Electrolytes, what are they and how do they help us?

Hello there! So here is my overdue piece on Electrolytes. Thanks for being so patient, hopefully you’ll enjoy this article and find it useful! Anyway let’s dig in. So what is an electrolyte? “Well the definition is as follows: An electrolyte is a substance that produces an electrically conducting solution when dissolved in a polar

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Quick Update!

Hi there guys, i know i’m really bad with getting these articles out but i thought as i wont be publishing the ” What are Electrolytes and why do they help?” article i thought id just give you an update on whats going on. As well as what is hopefully to come as its the

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Etiquette in the training yard

Hello, recently it has come to my attention that some people aren’t familiar with what is known as gym etiquette, this is one of what I feel to be the biggest parts of the “gym life”. Let me just state this gym etiquette isn’t going to help you get bigger, hell if it did most

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Switcharoo part Two

Hey guys, So sorry i didn’t get a new article out by Tuesday my bad so ill be putting out an extra one today “Yay”. Continuing on from the last piece switching it up, seeing as though i wrote about why you switch it up in the gym ill go a little in depth to

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Switching it up

Hello again, Todays topic which i feel gets forgotten a fair bit when training, Switching up your routine and diet is important as it allows you to get the most impact when eating and training. So what I’m talking about is that sometimes people go for massively long stents doing the exact same workout week

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A general handshake

Hello there my name is Christian Brown, I will be using this first article to introduce myself as well as what I want to achieve personally & how I want to use this blog. I won’t keep this one dragging on too long as I don’t want to bore you so let’s get to it.

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Review: Ostrovit High Protein Pasta!

I have tried a few Ostrovit products before now, including the Casein & Whey – then I discovered they did food products! & their new High Protein Pasta! Although I know there are many different types of Protein Pastas & Protein Noodles out there – I have actually yet to try any! So how did

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Protein Powder: Not All Are Created Equal!

Whey Protein  What the majority of people will be using & consuming – a good all round protein for most! Derived from dairy, most good proteins will give you between 20 & 20g of proteins, as well as full amino acid profile to aid recovery & muscle repair. Also probably the cheapest of wheys &

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New Year, New Goals, New Gains : Keep Resolutions & Make a Lifestyle Change.

Now it’s New Year there are memes popping up everywhere about ‘new year, new me’ & comparing the empty gym in December to the jam packed gym in January full of those with New Year’s resolutions. & then there are the comments about how they will last two weeks into January before the gym starts

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